Saturday, August 15, 2009

Digital NZ

There is just so much stuff out there. Without spending hours or days, even longer, reading it all I am just not going to ever be able to keep up with it all. Digital NZ is a fab concept but I wonder if it is going to fly. Hope so. Thinking out loud I think this right now (this could change)

1. I am very much out of my librarian roots and have almost forgotten how to do a search
2. In the last 3 years that I have been off the front line things have REALLY changed
3. The role of libraries and librarians to help individuals to navigate the Internet and the Web is very real and a great opportunity
4. I am guessing very few people really get how much stuff is there and to what depth and breadth. thinking about this, I think books and trad libraries also housed a lot of secret stuff but there is much much more now and you just can't see it.
5. I think I will have a look through a whole of places and things and then make a little cluster of sites and services that will most suit my needs and interests and really get to know them.
6. Don't like Stumbleupon at the moment. two reasons - I don't like the way it looks and I can't remember my bloody password. I will, however, pop back one day and have another go.
7. There are tonnes of forums out there with lots of interesting opinion that could be useful to people in places like councils and government. Is someone trawling around looking for stuff or do these forums sit there as a 12C talkback mechanism? Bit of a rhetorical question.



Free falling in NZ2 space I floated into Matapihi and spotted some recently aquired images. I know I should be exploring the rest of NZ but as a frequent visitor to the Christchurch Art Gallery I thought I would cruise in and see what they have sent to Matapihi and found this image.I LOVE IT! Here is the link to the description. LINK
Jane Arbuckle Zusters - I'd rather be swimming. Me too Jane, me too. I would buy this painting in a heart beat.

So back to how fabulous Matapihi is, making images like this and a zillion others including photos available to everyone is one of the purely delicious things about the internet.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Up in the clouds

It is always sunny above the clouds. I have really enjoyed being 'In the Cloud' and realise that I have been floating around in it for awhile without knowing it. I loved the discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing and as a business I guess you would have to think hard about how you would use a Cloud platform in your business. Advantages are huge but the big question mark would have to be about security and sustainability.

Google Docs, Zoho, Calendar - pretty basic but with some cool applications and uses. Poor jeremy was doing free interent testing in the room with me so now has to be a collaborator on one of my documents. I used my weekend to do list from Google Docs and dropped it in to my Google Calendar.

WorldCat is fantastsic but I dont have time right now to get involved. It reminds me of LibraryThing in some ways but I can see it is totally addictive for library heads. I bet Paul Sutherland loves it. Yet another log in to remember.

Discovered in Google reader that my 'blogs that I follow' from my two blogs were just sitting there waiting to be read in a list format. Very cool. I copied and pasted a recipe from one of my favourite blogs into wordle becasue it is so cool. Something I did the other day but forgot to save. I am totally connected to myself in every way. I can't get away from me. Not sure if that is good or bad. That is not a question, don't answer. Also found some old Picassa photos that I had forgotten I had saved. Think it is time to get out my broom and have a wee clean up in my cloud. There is a lot of random stuff floating around out there.

This post was written and saved in Google Docs and cut and paste into by blog....

Coffee time

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Where did you get that?

trying to think of a network that I could set up as part of my task list I thought about shopping and that question I am always asking people. Where did you get that? It is all about shopping and sharing the love of shopping and bargain hunting. I would love it if lots of people joined and got into the spirit of my own social network. It is pretty and light and exciting, if you like shopping. Shopping of any kind. I am talking about clothes, jewellery, food, IT gizmos, shoes, houses, fancy sports gear, gadgets and every other thing under the sun. I have invited a few people but if you want to join in, leave a comment and join the fun.

Excuses to chat

Social networking ain't new and it is something people like me just fall upon with delight. I have a myspace (forgotten the password) and a Bebo (to check in on the step daughter -too dark for me) and facebook (the one I have stuck with and visit almost daily). However, for a chatty out going girl, I find myself giving very very little away about anything of significance. I like lurking and having a laugh, seeing my friends doing fun things and joining in the quizzes. I do not tell people what I am doing. Is that because I am afraid they will discover how very unexciting my life is, how not funny I am when sober or am I a secret squirrel? Not sure. Nothing will stop me from being part of the current networks and anything new and interesting that comes along but apologies for a faint and slightly dull presence. By all means be interesting and exciting yourselves and I love to read what everyone else is doing with their time. Thanks for that.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

iGoogle, yes I do

Here is the screen shot of my iGoogle which I set up the other day when I was playing about. See, my addiction to clicking, typing and saving is just all consuming. I had totally forgotten that I had done this and when I went to do it as a part of my CCLlearn, here it was, awaiting me. I added the weather in Sweden because I am reading 'The girl who played with fire' and I added the lovely orange flowers. When time allows I will fiddle with it some more. I love that I do have on Google log on as every little diversion I have found just pops up. Phew.

Inspect my gadget

I am just going gadget crazy on this little blog, just for the fun of it, just because I can. However, there is a certain lack of finesse in the application. I hope to remedy this at some point in the process of my learning. I have added my LibraryThing gadget which I have recently neglected in favour of listing my recent titles on my other blog as a way of sounding a little bit more interesting with the upside being an electronic record of my pedestrian reading habits. Confused? I am. My mind is a jumble of passwords and log ons as a result of years of absuing myself by excitedly and randomly setting up and joining every bloody thing that came along. I am almost in log on and password rehab, don't go there. Plan your attack on the with Web 2.0 world and limit your addictions along with your passwords and log ons.